Yet another blog: why & what


Indeed, yet another blog... but why?

The main reason is the fact that I've come to know quite a lot about computers, and I owe most of my knowledge to an inquisitive mind and to countless anonymous benefactors who've been kind enough to share their own knowledge on the web. The time has come to give something back to the online community, and this seems to be a good enough place to do it.

The other reason is the fact that the world is twisted. So many things are simply wrong, that every now and then one needs to complain about it. And where better to do that than in my own blog? Life/faith/whatever-you-believe-in does have a sense of humor. And a rather twisted one at that. It's our choice to enjoy it or complain about it; I (like many others) chose to complain about it for your enjoyment.


I tend to respect people who are good at their game, whichever one it may be. I myself know about computers, so that's very likely what I'll be talking about here; it will mostly have to do with software, programming, computer security, the Internet, ... Well, who actually cares? It will hopefully be useful information, maybe even worth reading.

There. Time to do some real writing.

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